Never Skip This Step After Posting on Instagram

Whether you're a blogger or influencer trying to get more followers, or whether you're a brand trying to get more potential customers, Instagram can be one of the best place to gain an audience. Will it always get you immediate sales? Not necessarily. But what it can do is build up your base - your loyal followers that will be more likely to buy whenever you have a special sale going on or whenever you promote a sponsored product.

Every time I post something on Instagram, especially if it is a product I'm pushing (like a Friday Finds product), I never skip the step of hashtag liking. And it always makes a big difference.

Let's take a recent post, for example, like the essential oils bag I'm promoting for Picket Fence Pastimes (pictured above). I'm not just sharing it to my Instagram in the hopes that a handful of my loyal followers with buy it. The return isn't always seen with immediate sales (though at times it is). But what I am after most is getting more exposure for the brand I'm promoting and increasing their followers with relevant potential customers.

How do I do this exactly? By hashtag liking. After I posted the essential oil bag with hashtags like #essentialoils #essentialoilsorganizer, I immediately went to those related hashtags and liked, liked, liked while I scrolled for quite some time. As the product I shared also has a cute high heel print, I utilized the hashtags #shoesdaytuesday #shoeporn #heels and liked on those hashtags as well. Focusing on those related hashtags will draw in the kind of potential customers that are most likely to buy that specific product, as well as people who are most likely to want the other products by this same brand.

Throughout the day, if the shop doesn't have an increase in Instagram followers, I'll carve out time to do more hashtag liking before I post a new Instagram.

I hope this insight into part of my Instagram promotion process helps you to increase numbers the next time you share something. Think about the type of things or products you like to share on Instagram and write down some ways that you can be more intentional about the kinds of hashtags you could use and like on.

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