The Biggest Reason You Aren't Getting More Amazon Affiliate Sales

Affiliate sales can be elusive. As a web developer, I've tested several different ways of generating the most affiliate sales per blog. And while some blogs that I have let fall by the wayside are still generating sales on a monthly basis, my biggest website has taken a hit since I changed domains in a way that not all of my previous domains would properly forward. Yet as I have been diligently updating all of my internal links and getting my blog traffic back up on that site, the sales were still lacking. I blamed the economy and the fact that I wasn't ranked as high in Google as I previously had been. But I had failed to do the most basic thing, and that mistake has cost me who knows how many sales over this last year.  Image above by Ray Kang via Death to Stock Photo.

I can thank my husband for always reading the fine print for what I am about to tell you. According to Amazon Affiliate policy, there are several key factors that can disqualify your shared affiliate links (and you can bet I'll do a bigger article on all of those reasons), though the biggest and most often overlooked, and very rarely communicated by Amazon for those who even bother to read all of those monotonous policy-update emails, is this: The websites where you share your affiliate links must be listed in your Amazon account! So unless you are using your original blog address, and have all of your social media sites listed there, you could be sharing countless Amazon affiliate links to no avail.

To see which sites are listed for your Amazon affiliates account:

1. Log into you "Amazon Associates Central" page.

2. Locate your Amazon Associates email address (near the top right of the web page) and click on the down arrow at the end of that email address.

3. Select "Account Settings" and under "Account Information" on the top left, select "Edit your website and mobile app list."

4. Under "Enter Your Websites" enter in each domain where you share affiliate links, including your social media profiles!

And that is it!! Thanks again to my husband for always reading the fine print! I know I will see an increase in my Amazon affiliate sales, and I hope you all do too!

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