Three Types of Pics that Always Do Well on Instagram

If you're an avid follower of lifestyle bloggers on Instagram, chances are you see these pretty posts on a daily basis - flowers, brunch, and coffee. And with them, a set of commonly-used hashtags, like #butfirstcoffee and #brunchlife. Whether you need some inspiration on what to post more often, or would like to make your feed more visually appealing; these are all great options once you get the hang of them.

There is a reason these things get posted so often - followers love them. They're pleasant to look at, they take the follower into your personal space, and they're easy to comment on quickly. A brunch pic of a cream-filled pastry, for example, simply begs for a quick "Yum!!" reply. A great coffee pick will suffice with a quick "good morning" and a few coffee or smiley-face emojis.🙂

It's also these daily routine types of posts which allow you to say hi and #goodmorning to your followers and give a snippet of of your upcoming day. This allows the follower to connect in a more personal way. When I have the same followers frequently comment good morning, for example, it offers me the chance to say it back and perhaps ask how they're doing or head to their page and comment on what they're doing that day. Ultimately, it creates familiarity, which in the long run will help to organically grow your Instagram following.

My favorite reason to post these and why I highly suggest them to any lifestyle branding hoping to up their Instagram game is that they're easy to produce. You don't have to spend any extra money to get these shots; I'm guessing you already drink coffee (or tea), and you're bound to eat out at least once a week. Some of my most-liked coffee shots have been a simple cup of black coffee in my hands, while I was simply standing in my kitchen, sans fancy floor tile.

Of course it doesn't hurt to get a cool #coffeeshop pic. Everyone loves a pretty #latteart pic. And I find that the experience provides inspiration. I know that whenever I see other lifestyle bloggers post from a local coffee shop, it evokes a cool and relaxing vibe that inspires me to get out of the house for my next caffeine fix.

It also gives you an opportunity to interact with a local coffee shop. Chances are they have an Instagram page that you can tag in the hopes of getting regrammed, or at least to get some interaction and perhaps a new follower out of it.

Best of all, you can create these images anywhere. You don't have to live in L.A. or New York to get a great florist shop pic or a great morning coffee pic. I've taken some beautiful flower shots at the grocery store, for example, and my husband and I are frequently on the lookout for blooming trees around town. We love to go to the park for a nice walk and talk, but let's face it, we also like it for the pretty photo opps.

It also doesn't hurt to have a very romantic husband who frequently spoils me with bouquets.🙂🎕 You don't have to be a master stylist or even that great at photography to illicit some likes and comments on a flower pic. Leave those shots to the professionals and take advantage of the natural beauty that is already there.

Standing barefoot in my kitchen before I've carefully arranged the bouquet in a vase...those are the kinds of photos that get just as many likes, and often more comments than the styled shots. It takes the follower into a moment and into your personal space, rather than a staged finished product.

So give it a try! The next time you have a cup of coffee or something yummy for brunch, snap a pic for Instagram and use the related hashtags. Don't forget to spread the love and connect with other igers. Click on those hashtags and scroll to like similar posts. Voila, you will then officially be a part of the Instagram community.


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