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cap*ti*vate: to attract and hold the attention of

Hello there! Welcome to Captivating the Crowd. My name is Krisztina Clifton, and I've been blogging for about 10 years. What started as a means to build a platform for a novel I was working on at the time (no, I never finished the novel), turned into something I absolutely love to do. When I actually started to earn income off of it and saw a continual increase, I was overjoyed to see that I could do this full-time one day.

That is not to say it hasn't come with set-backs, and sales can be a fleeting thing in the blogging world. But along the way, I have learned a lot about web design, photography, SEO, branding, etc. Naturally I fell in love with Instagram as well. Is it excessive to have three different Instagram pages? Nah!

When I met the love of my life, who is now my husband, I was so appreciative that he not only
doesn't mind waiting while I get the perfect foot shot or food shot while we're out on dates, but he likes to as well and has since started several of his own blogs.

We do make time to unplug and focus on each other, but we also enjoy being able to catch up on Instagram while we're relaxing at home, or live tweeting during our favorite shows. You could say we are the most social introverts you will ever (probably not) meet.

Blogging can get a bad rep sometimes as being not a real job, but the saying is so true that if blogging were easy, everyone would be doing it.

The purpose of Captivating the Crowd, is to give you easy-to-use tips and valuable information on blogging and social media. Whether you want to turn a blog into a business or want to use a blog and social media to help promote an existing business; this site will help you accomplish your goals.

Hence the blog title, it isn't just enough in this competitive world of social media and online shopping to simply capture a person's interest. You have to continuously find ways to keep it. I've learned from experience that it takes the combination of several different things to achieve this, and it takes continual improvement and application of those things - things like design, content, images, SEO, etc.

Though we can't all afford SEO services, web designers, or photographers. I certainly couldn't when I started. But that doesn't have to get in the way of producing something you can be proud of. Through connecting, collaborating, and inspiring; we can all achieve our goals together.

And as I'm not the expert on all subjects; Captivating the Crowd will feature advice from fellow bloggers, IGers, photographers, and small business owners. Knowledge is power, and I believe we should share it with each other freely. We should inspire and encourage one another.

If however, you would like some help with your site or business, I'll be adding on services in the future - consulting, design, stock photos, and content creation. As the focus of my main blog shifted to a more personal angle, I found that I absolutely love to photograph and feature local places. I love to capture the little details and beautiful moments from my weekly adventures around town with my husband. And in doing so, I found that I enjoy promoting local small businesses and brands that I like.

I have a huge passion for curating, creating, and editing. That is really how this site came about. I couldn't stop thinking up new ideas and possible businesses, sites, products. But rather than continuing to try more that I can feasibly handle, why not help others to create and grow their brands, particularly where I have the most experience - through blogging and social media. I hope to have a portfolio and available services listed very soon.

In the meantime, if you're interested in collaborating or contributing, please don't hesitate to send me a message via the contact form on the right sidebar (or below on some mobile devices), or you can email me at krisztinaclifton@gmail.com. Stop by the Members Page to see the different ways you can join our community!

Thank You! 😊


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